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Mon Apr 9 21:45:13 CDT 2007

Then you will have to patch hg with the inotify patch.

Whether this patch works on 0.9.3 or depends on hg/hg-stable i dont know. you could try and/or maybe the author can respond to this thread.

On Mon, 7 May 2007 11:22:47 +0200, Marcin Kasperski <Marcin.Kasperski at> wrote:
> Considering 'inotify extension' is *extension*, it seemed to me
> that I can download it, install, and use against normal
> (distro-installed) mercurial. But
> leads to
> which contains different patches against mercurial sources.
> So, is it possible to use inotify as extension, without compiling
> mercurial?
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