Mac OS X gui

Matt O'Brien mazatty at
Fri Aug 31 11:29:38 CDT 2007

> would be interested in your additional thoughts on this:
> namely, a contextual-menu plugin.

i saw the above message before my post but didn't really look too
closely. i didn't think a contextual menu plugin would be too useful.
when i took another look i realized that it is more than a contextual
menu plugin but more of a Finder plugin, Finder integration, much more

i grabbed the source, from, and took a look around.
it looks to be quite well written. all the talking to subversion looks
to be done in the the actual finder/contextual
menu plugin does the finder integration. this looks very promising.

it could be as simple as rewriting all or part of most of the hard part seems to be done already.
i'm going to focus my efforts on Mercurial/Finder integration. maybe
even integrating Mercurial into SCPlugin for Mercurial and Subversion
integration. not that i would want to use Subversion, but some people
might have to use it.

true a cross platform gui could be very nice, guitone claims "tight
Mac OS X integration". i really want a OS X app, not just something
that looks like OS X app. Finder integration is very appealing to me.
i still see some use for a standalone gui possibly even cross

once again, anybody want to help? should there be an official
cross-platform Mercurial gui? with Mac OS X integration? there are
guis for other platforms already, maybe focusing on the Finder
integration would be more useful?


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