Mac OS X gui

snowcrash+hg schneecrash+hg at
Fri Aug 31 11:57:39 CDT 2007

hi matt,

> it is more than a contextual menu plugin but more of a Finder plugin,
> Finder integration, much more interesting.

i'm not entirely clear on all the distinctions, but fair enuf :-)

> it looks to be quite well written.

iiuc, it's been a rather long time coming ... and the devs are rather top-notch

> it could be as simple as rewriting all or part of
> most of the hard part seems to be done already.
> i'm going to focus my efforts on Mercurial/Finder integration. maybe
> even integrating Mercurial into SCPlugin for Mercurial and Subversion
> integration. not that i would want to use Subversion, but some people
> might have to use it.

assuming that separation is robust, i've mused "wouldn't it be nice"
if this framework could be adapted for any/all of the the scm tools.

heck, i (now) *prefer* to use Hg, but i still *have* to use/access
svn/cvs/monotone/git/etc ...

> maybe focusing on the Finder integration would be more useful?

i'd bet that there will be a wide range of opinions on this.

i can tell you that, e.g., having used all of the svn "apps", the only
solution that "feels right" is the finder-integrated SCPLugin.

it's also not lost on me that (some of) the svn devs think it's
useful/better enough, that they undertookk the development -- even
given what else is out there.

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