Mac OS X gui

Jens Alfke jens at
Fri Aug 31 15:12:09 CDT 2007

On 31 Aug '07, at 9:29 AM, Matt O'Brien wrote:

> it looks to be quite well written. all the talking to subversion looks
> to be done in the the actual finder/contextual
> menu plugin does the finder integration. this looks very promising.

I'll have to try it out. But of course, being designed for SVN, it's  
going to be limited to operating on the local repository. I haven't  
used distributed VCS much, but it definitely appears that a lot of the  
complexity involves inter-repository activities. You'd need to add new  
features for such commands.

> true a cross platform gui could be very nice, guitone claims "tight
> Mac OS X integration". i really want a OS X app, not just something
> that looks like OS X app.

I'm a long-time Mac developer and I did a lot of work with Java GUI  
apps; I've decided that cross-platform user interfaces are a chimera.  
I'm not interested in an app that has a crappy UI on multiple  
platforms, or one that puts a Windows- or GNOME-caliber UI on the Mac.  
The level of polish and integration you get with a native GUI is so  
much  higher.

> once again, anybody want to help? should there be an official
> cross-platform Mercurial gui? with Mac OS X integration?

I'm interested. But I'm still working on my code. Call me lazy, but I  
don't want to give up garbage-collection and properties and for-in  
loops. :) Leopard will be out in a month or two.

I'm a bit concerned about interfacing with Hg using Python APIs. Prior  
discussion here confirms that Mercurial doesn't have a stable Python  
API yet, so currently you have to use internal interfaces that are in  
flux and change from one release to the next. I'm writing my code  
using NSTask to invoke the 'hg' tool, and it's working fine so far.


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