OT: Distributed bug tracking?

Paul Sargent psarge at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 14:32:00 CST 2008

Apologies for the off topic post, but it might swing around to being  
sort-of on topic.

I've never found a bug tracker I liked, but that maybe because I don't  
know about the options. The big thing for me is that with all of the  
decentralised advantages we have now, the other major tool for doing  
collaborative development work is normally accessed through a web  
site. Often slow and in an entirely different environment to where I  
do all my other development work (CLIs and text editors), it becomes  
totally inaccessible when on the road.

It strikes me that if the bug information was part of the source tree  
(with a web interface somewhere so that users / managers can still  
access it) then the information would be exactly where the developer  
needed it. It would also be easy to see which change sets resolved  
particular bugs because the change-set would include the change to the  
bug report.

It seems like a simple directory will one file per bug report would be  
80% of the way there. You'd then need some scripts to handle them in a  
controlled way.

Does anybody know of a system like this out there?
If not, would it make sense to implement this as a mercurial  
extension, with an extension to hgweb too?

   hg bug open            # opens a new bug in text editor
   hg bug append <bug-id> # opens text editor to allow more  
information to be added
   hg bug resolve <state> # sets the bug state to closed, duplicate,  
   hg bug report <option> # report all bugs that match some predicate

I think you might need some special merge logic, so that two people  
appending or resolving a bug clash in reasonable ways.

Any interest? Any thoughts?

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