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Mads Kiilerich mads at kiilerich.com
Thu Jul 10 17:26:59 CDT 2008

Dhruva Krishnamurthy wrote, On 07/10/2008 09:45 AM:
> Hi,
>  Is anyone working on p4 to mercurial convert tool? I was thinking of expanding git-p4. Please let me know if someone has better or different ideas.

I assume you are aware of 
and thus http://hg.omnifarious.org/~hopper/p4_to_hg

A generic any-to-any approach like tailor is a good idea, but in many 
cases it has turned out to be "better" to do the conversion directly.

And it seems like a tool converting from (for example) git to mercurial 
has more in common with other tools targeting mercurial as target than 
other tools supporting git as source. So git-p4 might not be the best 
starting point.

Mercurials built-in "convert" extension supports several formats but 
lacks perforce. Adding perforce support sounds like a good way to do it.

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