Strategies for push/merge problem?

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at
Tue Jul 15 01:45:18 CDT 2008

Am Montag 14 Juli 2008 23:29:15 schrieb Matt Mackall:
> forgive me if I'm not terribly interested in making such unbounded
> behavior the default.

I don't think it should be default, either. 

But Mercurial shouldn't restrict people from using it any way they want. 

If I feel best with a shared push repository, then why shouldn't we just use 

It's not like Mercurial can't do it. 

hg push -f -> new remote head. Where's the problem? I can tell people "just 
use my head", and someone can merge and push that in, so the head disappear 
again as soon as _someone_ did the merge locally. 

Sure, this doesn't scale endlessly, but "hg serve" doesn't either (because the 
bandwidth for my local computer might be limited). 

> >  There's more than one way to do it,
> > and not every system has to be engineered for millions of updaters.
> Sure, but both Mercurial and the Linux kernel -do-.

Mercurial allows working with millions of updaters. 

But the environments set up using Mercurial don't have to. 

I especially like it, because it is so dead easy to set up an environment for 
small teams. 

If I have to scale that up, we can still change to the pull workflow (and as 
soon as it becomes too much of a hassle to push, I'm sure people will 
follow - even if it might mean just using several push repos from which 
someone pulls, so that the workflow looks the same to the contributors). 

I mostly like Mercurial because of flexibility and usability (and because it's 
Python :) ). 

And it has them, so I don't think we should allow ideology to tarnish 

(I already did that mistake last week, if not for Mercurial but for one of my 
projects, we don't have to repeat it today...)

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