kerberos with urllib2 proof of concept

Tim Olsen tim at
Tue Jun 24 14:43:10 CDT 2008

Martin Scholl inquired a few months ago whether kerberos HTTP
authentication support was planned [1].  Ezra Smith had replied back
that he had tried to do NTLM authentication (which also uses Negotiate)
but couldn't get it to work using urllib2 because it required a
persistent connection [2].

I have succeeded in authenticating to a kerberized HTTP server using
urllib2 and the pykerberos library from Apple [3, 4].  A proof of
concept script is attached.  To run it, pass the kerberos-protected url
you would like to fetch as a command-line argument to the script.

It appears that unlike NTLM authentication, kerberos only requires one
401 response before giving back a 200.  That may be a reason that
kerberos auth is possible with urllib2, but NTLM is not.

I'm going to see now if I can write a plugin to add kerberos support to
mercurial.  I'm fairly new to python so it could take me a while ;-)


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