Adding comments to groups of changes?

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I'm in a long running discussion about the merits of Git and Mercurial at the 
moments, and though Git just doesn't feel right to me, there's one point I 

People put their created stuff into a global repository and give their stuff a 
specific description. 
Git requires destroying history for that, which I don't like, but I think, 
collecting several commits together into one block which gets a description 
would be a very nice feature. 

Then I could say 
hg commit -m "A" 
-> rev 1
hg commit -m "B"
-> rev 2
hg commit -m "C"
-> rev 3
hg commit -m "undo B"
-> rev 4

hg group -m "AC" -r 1:4

And instead of many small commit messages which can't convey a bigger picture, 
people could see all the changes I grouped with one clear description. 

This way, the history would get far more readable without having to destroy 
history in the process, because it only adds descriptions. 
And if it were also possible to group groups, repository history could be 
documented in place without having to change history -> This would be like 
attaching a tag not only to a specific revision, but to a group of revisions. 

And for the smaller scale, I as developer could say "These are some of my 
commits. All together they fix bug 12345" and do the same for other related 

If working in seperate directories, I could as well do this when I push my 

I don't know if this is technically feasible, but it is a workflow I would 
like very much. 

Is this already possible? 

Best wishes, 
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