patch: hg log --diffstat

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Mon Mar 3 12:18:34 CST 2008

* Jamie Webb <j at> [20080303 14:57]:
> [Sending to the list this time]
> On 2008-03-02 23:22:55 Matt Mackall wrote:
> > I'd rather we not do this. I'm pretty sure it can already be done with
> > extdiff (globally), and we've got so many options already...
> I don't think it can. AIUI, extdiff will only diff a single pair of
> revisions. If that was all I wanted to do I could perfectly well just
> run 'hg diff | diffstat'. The point here is to get extra summary
> information for each log entry.
> Maybe there should be an extlog extension, but it seems like I'd have
> to copy-paste rather a lot of code to make that work...

Please have a look at templates/map-cmdline.default

Currently the patch is simply appended to this, but I can imagine
that it will be piped through the templater, too. Then you can
simply use a custom template for hg log, the notify extension or
even hgweb to show diffstats.

No new command line switch and even more flexible!


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