is there a i18n version hg ?

Martin Marques martin at
Mon Mar 3 19:03:47 CST 2008

Matt Mackall escribió:
> On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 10:25:38PM -0200, Martin Marques wrote:
>> Matt Mackall escribi?:
>>> Help messages are slightly tricky as they're docstrings and as such
>>> are not easy to mark as translatable for the standard tools.
>> I would be willing to start the spanish translation it there is a 
>> startard procedure for it.
>> Any docs?
> Google for "python l10n" for a start. We've simply marked all the
> translatable strings with _ so gettext does its thing. Feel free to
> start a wiki page explaining how to do it if you make any progress.

OK, found little that way.

But checking Hg's I see how it should work, so I think this is a 
good place to start:


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