Can "hg qpush" know patches context from patches repository?

Neo Jia neojia at
Tue Mar 4 19:35:03 CST 2008


Sorry for sending this to the devel mailing list. I just want to see
if such feature is there.

I am thinking if the patch repository can know the "context" of the
patches applied last time. So, after each time, I fixed the patch file
and made it applied to "TIP" correctly, I will do a "hg qcommit" to
store it against the repository. But, if later, I introduced some new
patches [A] from others right below my patches. I might need to fix
the "applying error" and do "hg qcommit" again for my patches. ( The
requirement here is that I always want my own patches on the TIP.)
Then, the problem is, when I want to switch back to my previous
"snapshot", (without the new patches [A]), it will throw out the error
again, which I have fixed before.

So, I am wondering if the "hg qpush" command can keep record the
"context" of the patch repository, such as the parent changeset. And
pull the correct version of the "patch" from pacth repository.

I would remember that if researchers were not ambitious
probably today we haven't the technology we are using!

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