Can qpush push a single patch file?

Christian Boos cboos at
Wed Mar 5 01:32:49 CST 2008

Neo Jia wrote:
> hi,
> I am trying to use qpush to push my changes. Is there any way to make
> it only push a single change?
> I can achieve that with qguard, but can qpush do that?

Look back in the archive and search for "hg qup" (moving a patch up to 
the top, so that you can apply it next). I think this is exactly what 
you're looking for, and it works well for me. The alternative would be 
to edit .hg/patches/series by hand and move the line you're interested 
in to the top.

By the way, what's the status of the "qup" extension? Shouldn't that go 
in mainline?

-- Christian

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