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Wed Mar 5 11:11:41 CST 2008

> Mercurial was designed to have the repositories [1] you work on on your
> local computer -- after all it's a DVCS [2].
> [1]
> [2]

The proposal to support an 'hg edit' hardly goes against the philosophy of
being a DVCS. All its saying is that rather than asking the filesystem about
what's changed, you let the user tell that information directly. And this
information is stored in the local repository - not sent across the network
to a centralized server (as in the case of perforce).

> I've switched from Perforce to Mercurial in January and I do like
> Mercurial's
> model. I really don't miss good old "p4 edit".

You must be using the local disk to store your workspace then. I'm not
comfortable storing my files on the local disk as opposed to NFS. I don't do
a commit after every single line of code that I write, and with a local disk
there's always the danger of loosing my uncommitted changes due to a disk

> Some p4 users regularly do a "p4 edit" on whole subdirectories of their
> sources
> and later "revert all unchanged files" (available in p4win and p4v).

That must be pretty rare - I haven't seen a single user do this. I used to
work for Google and that's probably the biggest perforce shop I've even

> A "hg edit" is very unlikely to happen anyway as that design decision
> has been made.

Like I said, it doesn't go against any of the decisions that 'hg' has made
in the past.

- Mohit
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