question regarding mercurial

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Wed Mar 5 13:26:47 CST 2008

On 05.03.2008 18:11, Mohit Aron wrote:
> You must be using the local disk to store your workspace then. I'm not 
> comfortable storing my files on the local disk as opposed to NFS. I 
> don't do a commit after every single line of code that I write, and with 
> a local disk there's always the danger of loosing my uncommitted changes 
> due to a disk crash.

Yes, I'm using local disk for workspace since compiling over the network is a
no-no anyway (I'm on Windows XP client-wise, compiling with Visual Studio).

In fact, I'm much more comfortable with Mercurial compared to Perforce regarding
server harddisk crashes. BTW, database access over NFS is not supported by Perforce.

Mercurial has built-in perfect replication and an excellent complete self
consistency check ("hg verify") - thanks to the SHA1 checksums covering
everything. If the "server" goes down you can pick another server to pull stuff
you don't have and you can investigate project history offline using your local

I usually do a local commit a couple of times a day when I'm hacking on code
and at least push that to a backup clone on another computer.

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