question regarding mercurial

Peter Arrenbrecht peter.arrenbrecht at
Thu Mar 6 00:59:20 CST 2008

> > A simple hack I can think of:
> > 1. Have a shell alias (or a new hg command) to write the edited file
> > path into a file
> > 2. On hg commit, read the file with edited file paths and commit only
> > those files (by passing the files as arguments to the hg commit)
> >
> > would the above approach work for you?
> >
> Yes, it will. Seems pretty simple, isn't it ?  I'd definitely prefer to have
> a new hg command rather than a shell alias for better integration with the
> rest of 'hg'.
> One more facility I'd like is that the files controlled by mercurial should
> be read-only by default - they should become writable only when I do a 'hg
> edit' on them. That way, I don't accidentally modify any file unless I do a
> 'hg edit' on it. This is also similar to what perforce does.

Sounds like this could be done in an extension that overrides some
base commands. I think that can be done. Why don't you give it a try?

Personally, though, I much prefer the hg way. How did you, for
instance, take work home at Google? Oops. Sorry. I forgot Google is
home. ;)


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