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Mohit Aron extproxy at
Thu Mar 6 01:20:44 CST 2008

> Sounds like this could be done in an extension that overrides some
> base commands. I think that can be done. Why don't you give it a try?

I think people familiar with the mercurial code would find this is a much
easier job than I will. :)

> Personally, though, I much prefer the hg way. How did you, for
> instance, take work home at Google? Oops. Sorry. I forgot Google is
> home. ;)

Remote login. :)

You're probably referring to having your workspace on a laptop's local disk
and carry that home along with you. That's dangerous - Google didn't allow
code on local disks (for fear of laptops getting stolen and the code falling
into the wrong hands). Even if Google did allow this, and I didn't want to
do a remote login, I could always have another repository on my home machine
and do a pull from my repository at work. I would still run the danger of
loosing code changes I don't back up on my home machine though. So in
reality, I'd just prefer to do a remote login and work using my NFS mounted
workspace at Google.

- Mohit
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