[ANN] aHg - an Emacs frontend for Mercurial

Alberto Griggio alberto.griggio at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 07:52:47 CST 2008

Hello list,
I've discovered Mercurial some months ago, and since then I have adopted
it for all my projects. Now, I wanted to give something back to the
community for this great tool. So, here's my contribution: aHg, an elisp
application that lets you use Mercurial through Emacs. It is similar to
DVC, but it's Mercurial-only and tries to be simpler and cleaner. I've
set up a basic home page at http://wxglade.sf.net/extra/ahg.html, and
there's ah hg repo at http://wxglade.sf.net/hg/ahg

The current code is the result of about three days of coding, so it is
very far from being complete and very likely somewhat buggy, however it
is usable (at least for me). Any kind of feedback would be very


P.S: the whole thing should be cross-platform, but so far I have tested
it only on linux.

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