Questions about transplant extension

Martin Geisler mg at
Thu Mar 6 11:54:39 CST 2008

"Neo Jia" <neojia at> writes:

>>  > I am thinking if the transplant extension can keep record which
>>  > changeset has been transplanted. Also, it would be nice to have a
>>  > transplant "guard" to do this automatically.
>>  As far as I know, the transplant extension already does what you
>>  want. See the first section here:
>>   "It records the original changeset ID in the transplanted
>>   changeset, and avoids transplanting previously-transplanted
>>   patches."
> But, if you clone that "transplanted" repository, you cannot continue
> your later "transplant" in the new cloned repo, right?
> So, is there anyway make the transplant distributed?

I have actually not used transplant that much, I just read the manual
and wiki... but why don't you try it our yourself on some local clones?

Martin Geisler

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