Getting "ssl required" when using an https URL

Pazu pazu at
Thu Mar 6 18:13:27 CST 2008

Hello guys,

I'm hosting a mercurial repository on a remote machine, served by lighttpd.
Every time I try to push changes I get the "ssl required" message, despite going
through all the hassle of configuring SSL on the remote server.

Does hg validates the server certificate somehow? I'm using a certificate issued
by, so it's probably not in the root certificate keychain (I'm using
Mac OS X, but I get the same error under Windows).

Here's a sample session output:

pazu at mini:jocomics$ hg --debug push
http auth: user xxx, password ******
pushing to
sending capabilities command
capabilities: unbundle=HG10GZ,HG10BZ,HG10UN lookup changegroupsubset
sending heads command
searching for changes
common changesets up to 7fcec21c740d
1 changesets found
List of changesets:
sending unbundle command
sending 2666 bytes
ssl required

SSL works correctly in the browser (after I install root
certificate), so I know the server is correctly set up. What else could I be
doing wrong?


-- Pazu

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