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> Theres a lengthy discussion going on right now over in the Slime
> developers list about possibly switching from CVS to Hg. Thought the
> discussion might interest you.
> --Jeff
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One of the Emails in the discussion said:

"I found Git to be somewhat complex as others said. Mercurial was fast
and nice *until* I
had to do non-trivial things like cloning a large repository or
sending several isolated deltas from the past via email."

Does anybody have any experience with this? I ask because I have a large
ClearCase installation that I am looking to move to Mercurial. But I want to
make sure of two things:

1) It can clone the repository relatively quickly to our development team in
India (i.e. half a world away)
2) Support named branches well. This due to our current process relying on
branches for doing post release patches.

I understand I will be losing a feature of ClearCase that we rely on now.
That is attributes but I think I can get way with putting the Bug number in
the comments for the commits.

BTW, 99% of the developers will be running on Windows.
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