Slime project considering Mercurial

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Fri Mar 7 07:13:02 CST 2008

On 07.03.2008 12:46, Paul Franz wrote:
> So the local India developers would pull from the local gate repository 
> but push to the one in the US, correct?


If you have your main repository A in the US, you can keep
a clean replica B (a clone) of that in India on a computer
on their local network.

The first cloning of A to B may be slow, if
it's a large repo with many files and changesets
for some real numbers).

Subsequent pulls to update B from A will be
very fast, since only missing changesets are transferred.

You can do a "hg verify" on B to verify that B is fine -
which is reasonably fast and perfect, since every tiny little bit
is covered by the SHA1 hashes of all heads.

Individual developers in India should then clone B for their work
(instead of A) and push to A (better not to B in order to keep it
a clean copy of A).

The main thing with this setup would be that B would
never diverge from A, just lag behind, if it is not up
to date. So no merges would have to be done in B.

If you don't want every single developer in India to
push to A, you might create an outgoing repo C in India, which
contains all integrated changes from developers in India
(contains merges) and push/pull from C to A (integrate
into A).

A single developer might do the same for himself. Having
his own clean "B" on his computer and always clone that for
specific work.

Just a possible working scenario.

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