Slime project considering Mercurial

John D. Mitchell jdmitchell at
Fri Mar 7 07:23:31 CST 2008

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 3:46 AM, Paul Franz <theandromedan at> wrote:
>  > One of the easy ways to create *many* local clones in India is to create
>  > a hierarchy of `workspaces'.  One can install a local `gate' in India,
>  > and use the gate only for pulling changes from the official tree.  The
>  > local India developers can clone the local gate instead of the remote
>  > `master' tree.
>  >
>  So the local India developers would pull from the local gate repository


And from each other, if they please.  I.e., remember that Hg is a
distributed SCM. :-)

>  but push to the one in the US, correct?

That's up to you and how your development process works.

For example, they could have a local *outgoing* repository. Or, you
might treat the remote folks as non-committers and have them send
their patches to a committer.

For outsourcing-ish relationships, I'd have a them have a shared,
local, incoming repository (mostly likely on a per-project basis) that
they have periodically pull from a designated corporate-side repo;
along with a shared, local, outgoing repo (most likely on a
per-project basis) that they push their proposed changes to.  On the
corporate-side, I'd then have the internal technical team responsible
for e.g., each project, have a repository that they pull the changes
from the outsourced group's outgoing repo (and then vet the changes,
run tests, etc. before integrating that with the corporate repos.

Hope this helps,

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