Getting "ssl required" when using an https URL

Pazu pazu at
Sat Mar 8 18:10:36 CST 2008

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 12:26 PM, Matt Nordhoff
<mnordhoff at> wrote:

>  Anyway, the sample session in your first post shows that the connection
>  is working (it discovers the server's capabilities and which changeset
>  needs to be sent).

Maybe not. The sample session in my first post shows that something
works. My hg repository is also available over http, so maybe the
client is completely ignoring the https prefix, and doing everything
over plain http? Unfortunately the server logs don't show if a request
was done through https or not.

>  Shrug. I'm totally not a Mercurial expert.

Shrug... Obviously, me neither.

>  I wonder, could it be something wrong with how you set up hgwebdir?
>  Like, the connection from the client to Lighttpd is HTTPS, but Lighttpd
>  is making a separate connection to hgwebdir over regular HTTP, and
>  that's why hgwebdir is erroring out.

Well, hgwebdir is just a cgi script -- lighttpd doesn't make a
connection to it, just executes (with the appropriate CGI semantics).
Maybe the https detection logic in hgwebdir is somewhat faulty? I have
no idea…

-- Pazu

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