Simple website for hosting mercurial repositories.

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Sun Mar 9 13:13:38 CDT 2008

Hey Matthew,

Looks interesting, I'll certainly grab a copy.

I don't know if you have seen our project, hgfront, but it's a
django-based Mercurial manager thats maybe a little more advanced in
some areas, but certainly missing a few of the features you have!

Both myself and the other developer of hgfront have taken a short
break from developing it, but now we're both back and looking to kick
off the next phase of the app to bring in up to spec.  For example, we
want to re-write the user system from scratch, and have it tie into
the mercurial push/pull permissions.

It already has it's own built in issue tracker as well a wiki and
views that show a repo's details.

If your interested in bringing our two codebases together to get one
excellent mercurial hosting package then please feel free to get in
touch off list.

On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Matthew Marshall
<matthew at> wrote:
> On Sunday 09 March 2008 08:15:36 Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:
>  > Matthew Marshall wrote:
>  > > Hopefully it's useful to someone :)
>  >
>  > It sure is. Do you want to keep it so that it doesn't do a whole lot, or
>  > would you consider opening up the source code so hg hackers can hack on
>  > it a bit and extend it a bit so we can make it kind of the official hg
>  > hosting thing (usually called
>  I've posted the source at for anyone
>  interested.  There's not a whole lot to it.
>  What I had in mind when I wrote "doesn't do a whole lot" was that it isn't
>  meant to be a complete project hosting solution with issue tracking etc. like
>  sourceforge, berlios, google code, etc.  It's just for publishing your
>  repository to the world.
>  But I would like to add a few things related to publishing repositories, such
>  as giving additional users push access to the repository and server-side
>  cloning and stripping.
>  MWM
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