hg convert terminology (or how to discuss documentation terminology)

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Mon Mar 10 04:23:44 CDT 2008

A few days ago I edited a bit the page
trying to make it a bit more readable.

One of the changes was replacement of the term 'MAPFILE' (in
synopsis and option desc) with 'REVMAPFILE'. The change was 

- made in sync with the terminology being used in the *body* of 
  "hg help convert" (where <revmapfile> is used a few times) and

- intended to remove the confusion between mapfile and filemap
  (when I was reading those docs I was for some time confused
  by those, while they mean totally different things)

This change has been just reverted with comment "Restore the synopsis
as it is given by hg help convert"

Well, first I would suggest to use "revmapfile" after all (and to
patch hg help convert this way too), then I would like to ask: how
should such cases be usually discussed?  On this list, on some other
list, by private email (but to whom)?

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