Cygwin and Win32 native support

Guido Ostkamp hg at
Mon Mar 10 14:36:15 CDT 2008


in my office, I am unfortunately forced to use a Windows XP PC to run 
Mercurial in order to get access to the OpenSolaris Mercurial Repo (our 
testlab with the large Unix systems, where I desperately need the stuff is 
"protected" by firewalls and ssh connections to Internet are thus 
impossible <sigh>).

So I tried Mercurial under Cygwin on the PC to clone


over a socks 4 proxy using special ~/.ssh/config setting, but it got stuck 
after some ~17800 files. From at home I know there are much more. I 
retried this several times, but it always stops after reaching that number 
of files.

Does anybody know what could be the reason for this?

Doesn't Mercurial support Cygwin?

If I would use the native Win32 version, how would I have to configure ssh 
access over a socks server?

Is 'ssh' somehow included in the native Win32 build of Mercurial?

Also, I expect symlinks in the OpenSolaris repo. Should I be able to 
finish cloning to the PC under Windows, and then zip and transfer the 
'.hg' directory to a Unix box, would this still include the full data 
necessary to recreate symlinks, if used on a Unix box?

Thanks for any hints.



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