Mercurial's only true "plugin" extension: inotify... and can it be done in Git?

Jakub Narebski jnareb at
Mon Mar 10 13:38:08 CDT 2008

On Sun, 9 Mar 2008, Jakub Narebski wrote:

> When reading "Distributed Revision Control with Mercurial" to
> see how Mercurial differs from Git, in the chapter 14 "Adding
> functionality  with extensions" there is description
> (in section 14.1) of one  interesting extension,
> namely 'inotify' extension. 

By the way, when browsing list of available Mercurial extensions
inotify extension was single extension which doesn't have less
or more direct equivalent in Git, or cannot be easy done in Git.

See the table below for details:

Mercurial extension | git equivalent (or proposal)
acl                 | update-paranoid contrib hook
alias               | alias.<cmd> config
bisect              | git-bisect
bugzilla            | possible as hook
children            | possible command, cf. git-name-rev
convert (!)         | <possible, would be nice to have>
extdiff             | diff.external / GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF
fetch               | git-pull (sic!)
gpg                 | signed tags
graphlog            | <possible, see: tig, git-forest>
hgk (*)             | gitk
imerge              | see git-mergetool
keyword expansion   | check possible gitattributes
mq                  | Guilt, StGit
notify              | post-receive-mail contrib hook,
                    | default update hook
graphviz            | <can be done>
send                | <possible, wrapper around git-bundle>
rdiff (!)           | <a trick for local repo in GitTips>
localbranch (*)     | git-branch, git-checkout
parentRevspec (*)   | rev^, rev^1 or rev^2, rev~n
patchbomb           | git-send-email
record              | git add -i, git commit -i
transplant          | git-rebase
win32ext            | core.autocrlf config
churn               | see git-shortlog
purge               | git-clean
cvscommit           | see git-cvsexportcommit, git-cvsserver
config              | compare git-config
digest              | see git-ls-remote for bundle
diffstat            | git diff --diffstat, default for git-pull
easy*               | see tig
forest              | git-submodule
hgcia               | CIA hook mentioned on GitWiki
inotify (!!!)       |

(*) Directly inspired by git feature
(!) No direct equivalent, would be quite a work to add
(!!!) No equivalent, don't know if possible

Jakub Narebski

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