GSoC: mentors

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at
Mon Mar 10 16:13:56 CDT 2008

(I'm also sending this to some people who I hope might be interested in 
becoming a mentor to get their attention.)

Okay, so I'd like a few people to state explicitly that they're willing 
to be mentors for the Summer of Code. Should require 2-3 hours a week, 
and I think we should try to keep the projects open within the general 
project, both on the mailing list and IRC so that everyone can be 
involved and help out where necessary.

So, for now, it would be nice if a few of the crew and maybe some other 
contributors could step forward and put some time into this. I think 
people like parren and jglick, for example, could be great mentors if 
they have a time, and it would be nice if they, too, could contribute.

Please respond to the list or privately to let me know whether you're up 
for this. Tomorrow, I'll put together an application and send it to the 
list so everybody has a few hours to give some feedback on it.



P.S. If you have any interesting project ideas, those would be welcome, too.

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