CVS Conversion to Hg

Paul Franz theandromedan at
Mon Mar 10 19:29:36 CDT 2008

Hack found look below.

Paul Franz wrote:
> Martin Gadbois wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Matt Mackall wrote:
>>> What you need to do is use CVS modules configuration to pull all those
>>> parts into one CVS checkout workspace and convert that. Don't ask me 
>>> how
>>> to do that though, I've suppressed those memories.
>> I've tried to do change the CVS "CVSROOT/modules" file to contain all
>> the sub-projects:
>> top &proj1 &proj2 &proj3 ...
>> "cvs get top" recovers all the proj* modules under "top", but when I do
>> "hg convert top", it only converts  module "proj1".
>> I have not tried with other converters.
>> Is that the method you kinda remembered?
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> Just tried that myself and I can confirm that it does not work. 
> Actually for me it does worse. It does the following:
> paul-franz-laptop:work paulfranz$ hg convert ../work2/top
> assuming destination top-hg
> initializing destination top-hg repository
> connecting to /Users/paulfranz/sfbonline/SFBOL/cvs_repo/sfbol
> scanning source...
> sorting...
> converting...
> and stops.
> I am not sure if it matters or not. But to get around my initial 
> convert programs I tar'd up the repo and extracted on the local machine.
> Paul Franz

Ok. I did what developers do best. If a system does not work they way we 
expect we figure out a way to get it to work. Since, I have a tar ball 
of the repository I extracted it locally (as I had done previously) and 
then in the root directory of the repository I created a "top" directory 
and then moved all of the modules to be under that directory. Create a 
new CVS working directory and do "cvs checkout top" and then do the "hg 
convert" and it works perfectly.

Paul Franz

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