rollback capability for linux config files and scripts

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Tue Mar 11 18:29:05 CDT 2008

>If its just keeping track of changes to a few files spread out [in
>different directories], I would just use RCS. Its primary purpose was
>to track individual files changes anyway..

Thanks Satish for your helpful comments.
Actually Satish's  pointing me to RCS led me to another article on a similar

It seemed to me "Bazaar OS" ( was the best tool for
my task ( cvs, subversion, mercurial and rcs were the tools that I had a
quick peek at) What tilted the balance in favor of "Bazaar OS" was that it
seemed the only tool that didn't pepper my dirs with the .cvs .hg etc.
files. It seems to keep all its bookkeeping hidden away from view in its own
folder. I liked that especially since I would be versioning a large number
of seperate files and dirs. Just my preference, I guess.

Only a minor annoyance but still.  Unfortunately, I did not realize that
mercurial was capable of similar stuff ( Thanks Mads!
). I'm guessing the mercurial implementation is probably more efficient that
a python implementation so perhaps I will switch later if performance
becomes an issue.

 BTW, does doing a hg init on / add any performance drags? In the sense,
that this is a HUGE filesystem for most people. Just curious. (most
documentation seems to be about "hg init" on a specific project repo.)

But, I'd be glad to have any other comments / caveats /suggestions anyone
might have.

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