rollback capability for linux config files and scripts

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Tue Mar 11 19:13:04 CDT 2008

>  > BTW, does doing a hg init on / add any performance drags?
>  hg init costs "nothing". But unless you add a "ignore everything"
>  .hgignore as described on TrackingEtcEtc, then hg status and other
>  commands will recurse through the whole file system.
>  /Mads

Thanks again Mads. BTW, if dirs. / files are actually added into
versioning by explicit "hg add" commands (or similar for cvs svn etc.)
what function does the "hg init" serve? i.e. what is done on dirs (or
subdirs or files) that are "inited" (under the path that was given to
hg init) but not "added"?

Just curious.


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