rollback capability for linux config files and scripts

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Tue Mar 11 19:29:31 CDT 2008

Rahul Nabar wrote, On 03/12/2008 01:13 AM:
> Thanks again Mads. BTW, if dirs. / files are actually added into
> versioning by explicit "hg add" commands (or similar for cvs svn etc.)
> what function does the "hg init" serve? i.e. what is done on dirs (or
> subdirs or files) that are "inited" (under the path that was given to
> hg init) but not "added"?

hg init creates a repository by creating and populating the .hg folder 
in the top level folder.

You should not run hg init on subfolders; that will create other 
repositores there which won't be managed from the top-level repository 
(that is unless you use the forest extension).

When you add a file it is added to the list of tracked files in the 
closest repository in the path.


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