rollback capability for linux config files and scripts

Martin Marques martin at
Tue Mar 11 19:29:36 CDT 2008

Rahul Nabar escribió:
> I am a newbiee to versioning systems and was looking at the best way to 
> solve a problem I was facing:
> Frequently, when I modify my scripts or config files on my Linux box I'm 
> afraid I'll break something and hence make a manual backup copy. This 
> only gets me a manual, rudimentary rollback capability. I was looking 
> into using cvs / mercury / subversion to help me get this a little more 
> efficient and safer.
> The problem is that these files are peppered all accross my directory 
> structure. There might also be a chance that I have two different files 
> at different places in my dir structure but both with the same name. { 
> Say, ~/gnuplot/ ~/bin/
> What's the best versioning strategy for such a setup? 

Use mercurial, put everything in .htignore, and go adding what you want 
to version (I did this with /etc and with my .bash* files).

If you make a mistake, just use revert. Only commit if you are sure the 
new script is working OK.

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