Problem with win32text

Michael Sperber sperber at
Wed Mar 12 02:58:25 CDT 2008

"Shun-ichi GOTO" <shunichi.goto at> writes:

> 2008/3/7, Michael Sperber <sperber at>:
>>  - create a text file "baz" with CRLF encoding in foo
>>  - hg add baz
>>  - hg commit -m "initial" baz
>>  - rm baz
>>  - hg revert baz
>>  After this, "hg status" tells me:
>>  M baz
>>  However, "hg diff" gives zero output.  After "hg commit", I get:
> I cannot reproduce with your recipe, but we could reproduce when
> first text file has LF line ending.
> It is because "hg revert" does not update dirstate, so you need "hp up -C".
> See also:
> This issue somethimes happen by changing encode/decode setting in a middle
> of use.

Huh - I sure didn't change the settings in the middle of use.  What's
the purpose of "hg revert" as opposed to "update -C" then?

Cheers =8-} Mike
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