rollback capability for linux config files and scripts

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Wed Mar 12 04:13:52 CDT 2008

>> > If its just keeping track of changes to a few files spread out [in
>> > different directories], I would just use RCS. Its primary purpose was
>> > to track individual files changes anyway..
>> RCS does not handle file renames, removals etc, not to mention symlinks.
> (...)
> mv foo bar; mv RCS/foo,v RCS/bar,v
> (...)
> rm foo; [optionally rm RCS/foo,v]

Both make impossible to recover the past version. Somehow I prefer
Mercurial/Git/Bazaar for such purposes ;-)

> symlinks - not sure what you mean here.

I mean version controlling which symlinks are there and where do
they point. For example, while versioning /etc I find it extremely
useful that Mercurial tracks which symlinks in /etc/rc*/ and
/etc/alternatives were created/removed/modified and when.

To summarize: mercurial is really good tool to version-controll some
local directory tree, and is far better for this task than RCS.

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