Problem with win32text

Christian Ebert blacktrash at
Thu Mar 13 04:17:50 CDT 2008

* Michael Sperber on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 07:55:15 +0100
> Christian Ebert <blacktrash at> writes:
>> * Michael Sperber on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 08:58:25 +0100
>>> Huh - I sure didn't change the settings in the middle of use.  What's
>>> the purpose of "hg revert" as opposed to "update -C" then?
>> revert updates (or restores as "hg revert -h" says) only the
>> files in the working directory -- which in your case apparently
>> is not working correctly, whereas update also changes the
>> parents (checks out a revision).
> Right - I was trying to do a revert, but got told that I should have
> done an update.  (I was asking about "purpose", not "functionality".)


Well, personally I (ab)use it for instance like so:

a) hg add file by accident; hg revert file before commit

b) working dir with more than 1 active branch

1. commit changes
2. update -C other branch where other branch contains files that
   do /not/ differ from their counterparts in 1st branch
3. for files in 2. quickly grab changes:
   hg revert -r tip counterparts

And the one and only hgbook says:

|It's useful to remember that the "hg revert" command is useful
|for changes that you have not yet committed.

> So I still believe there's a bug.

I wasn't implying that there wasn't ;)

btw, just curious, your mail header says you are on darwin;
what's the, ahem, purpose of using win32text on a mac? Or were
you just sending the mail from that machine?

So dacht ich. Nächstens mehr.

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