Problem with win32text

Shun-ichi GOTO shunichi.goto at
Fri Mar 14 04:29:38 CDT 2008

2008/3/14, Michael Sperber <sperber at>:
> Here's a shell script that demonstrates the problem.  (Works with a user
>  .hgrc containing only the user name.)

I tried to run it.
On binmode mounted directory, the issue you described is appeared.
The script prints "M baz".
The file baz has LF line-ending, so this is not your case in first mail:

>  - create a text file "baz" with CRLF encoding in foo

On textmode mounted directory, no message output.
baz has CRLF line-ending.

These result is reasonable for me as known behaviour.
And I cannot reproduce your problem.

## I also ensure my ~/.hgrc has only user name:
## $ hg showconfig
## ui.username=Shun-ichi GOTO <shunichi.goto at>
## $

Shun-ichi GOTO

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