[ANNOUNCE] ShareSource now supports muliple Hg repositories

Tim Groeneveld tim at sharesource.org
Fri Mar 14 17:51:22 CDT 2008

Hello Everybody,

	For those who do not know, my name is Tim Groeneveld. on Friday, July 27th - 
last year, I announced to this list that my site - called ShareSource, 
started supported Mercurial repositories.

	Well, this time another announcement is ready to be made. Projects that are 
registered on ShareSource are now able to create multiple Mercurial 

	Use these repositories so each developer can have his own workspace or any 
other way you can think of, it's all up to you!

	Yes, there is still work to be done on this feature (such as flexible ACL's 
for each repository) - but ShareSource is committed to Mercurial as it's 
leading version control system - and the new ShareSource even uses it for 
it's versioning.

	Thank you all for such a great product,
	   - Tim G.
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