hg convert: deleted $Id:

hg user mercurialuser at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 20:07:51 CDT 2008

as I already said in other messages I'm working on a sourceforge project. I
checkout/update from cvs on a linux server, where I hg convert and then pull
from a windows workstation.
During hg convert all the $Id gets converted.... an example:
$Id: draw.c,v 1.40 2008/02/05 18:40:36 giuseppem Exp $
I'm now ready to commit, so from windows I checked-out the sourceforge
repository, and I got problems....my idea was to use kdiff3 on the directory
tree and use this tool to merge the different files (5 files)

But now ALL files are different !!!!

Probably my workflow is wrong.... any idea ???


PS: just before hitting the send button I realize that since I use MQ, I may
directly patch the MQ patch on the checked-out directory.... this should
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