can I use 'hg serve' to allow push without ssl

Thomas iamkenzo at
Sun Mar 16 15:31:00 CDT 2008

Then the manual needs to be updated because it has false information in it!

Here is the link:

I quote from the manual:
In particular, "hg serve" won't allow remote users to modify your
repository. It's intended for read-only use.

I tested it, and pushing is indeed possible using hg serve as a
repository server. This could have saved me hours of trying to make
hgweb.fcgi work if the manual was up to date.

I have a question. Is "hg serve" production ready? What I want is to
use it with Capistrano for deploying Rails applications. Only
developers of the website will be allowed to push to the repository
using capistrano so it won't be under heavy load or that kind of
stuff. But is it stable enough? Could its data get corrupted?

By the way, does anyone have a startup script for "hg serve" to share?

Best regards,

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