Problem with tailor 0.9.29 and hg 0.9.5

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Mon Mar 17 06:17:48 CDT 2008


Whilst I rate both Tailor and Mercurial extremely highly, it's 
inconvenient, when performing automated upgrades of packages, to have to 
back out and manually reapply patches.

When installing from FreeBSD ports, it is necessary for me to manually 
apply the following fix to Tailor before reinstalling the port:

It seems that Tailor has to make use of what appears to be a Mercurial 
internal API. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Is there a way the API issue can be resolved, i.e. are the Mercurial 
folk and the Tailor folk in communication about this issue?

thanks for any information you can provide.


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