apache with hgwebdir.cgi OR apache with hg serve ?

ibn at ikeeper.cn ibn at ikeeper.cn
Mon Mar 17 09:01:26 CDT 2008

how do you smart guys configure  web interface for Mercurial hg?

do you use apache with hgwebdir.cgi OR apache with hg serve ?

I use windows, and I use Trac with Apache . Since TRAC works fine I don't know 
why hgwebdir.cgi don't work. In Trac there's an integrated HG repo viewer, but 
in order to update this repo, thers must be some way to push to it. Or should I
schedule a task on the TRAC server to pull from others ?

finding a way to update the HG repo integrated with TRAC ?

( do you use TRAC ? It manages projects and works fine with HG.
   I think many people know it, although I just heard about it days ago.
   and I love it , just as I love HG.
   it's here: http://trac.edgewall.org )

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