obliterate functionality?

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 18 09:55:29 CDT 2008



> > If you mean to remove it from the version history of a published repo
> > entirely, then you cannot (short of exporting and reimporting the
> > repo, and this would change revision hashes). Hg's philosophy is that
> > you cannot rewrite history.
> > 
> <sigh> Unfortunately, that is a poor assumption:
> http://blogs.quintor.nl/bbottema/2008/03/01/subversion-obliterate-the-forgotten-feature/
> If you jump down to "The need to Obliterate" it reads:


Hg has one advantage in comparison to svn - you commit locally. Until
you push the change upstream, you can 'hg strip' the revision(s).

However that does not solve your problem.

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