obliterate functionality?

Ollivier Robert roberto at keltia.freenix.fr
Tue Mar 18 14:02:11 CDT 2008

According to Bruce M Simpson:
> The lack of obliterate functionality is a real barrier to the possible 
> future adoption of Mercurial by both XORP and the FreeBSD Project, two 
> projects where I wear hats, and have been trying to encourage the 
> adoption of Hg.

/me raises hand :-)

> My grounds for advocating "obliterate" in view of those points, are that 
> in the situations outlined above, people can and do make mistakes, and 
> even if "obliterate" is not guaranteed to purge all copies of a "leaked" 
> or otherwise mistakenly committed revision, the accountability is there 
> and you can say you tried to obliterate the file, regardless of the 

To add to that, in the past when lawyers asked us (the FreeBSD project) to
remove code from CVS, they were happy to have it removed the official repo
regardless of how many copies were duplicated worldwide through our mirrors...

It is, as Bruce said (and me, several times in the past), a real barrier to
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