obliterate functionality?

Martin Marques martin at marquesminen.com.ar
Tue Mar 18 17:01:24 CDT 2008

Bruce M Simpson escribió:
> cowwoc wrote:
>>>     * You accidently checked in sensitive information and need it removed
>>>     * You are running a large codebase and need to archive old repository
>>> entries to clean up to save drivespace
>>>     * You need to split up a repository in several others for some reason,
>>> maybe a project needs to be split up
>>>     * You accidently checked in large chunks of (unused) information
>>> (perhaps some .iso was somehow included), which is sitting there bloating
>>> your repository for no good reason
>> I have personally run into many of these cases. They might be rare, but I
>> strongly advocate that Hg (and others) make it easier to obliterate files
>> from the repository so long as you have the necessary privileges.
> The lack of obliterate functionality is a real barrier to the possible 
> future adoption of Mercurial by both XORP and the FreeBSD Project, two 
> projects where I wear hats, and have been trying to encourage the 
> adoption of Hg.
> The same use cases mentioned above in this thread apply to both projects.

Exacly which one of the cases mentioned? Why can't FreeBSD use a VCS 
that doesn't obliterate? BTW, what DO they use now a days?

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