obliterate functionality?

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at cadifra.com
Wed Mar 19 04:00:32 CDT 2008

On 19.03.2008 05:05, Dustin Sallings wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2008, at 17:01, Adrian Buehlmann wrote:
>> Let's say a lawyer asks a repomaster to stop serving file jerk.c to  
>> the world
>> because of legal issue X. What about removing *all* revisions of  
>> jerk.c
>> from the offending repo?
> 	convert will do this today.

But this will invalidate a bunch of SHA-1 hashes, right? (Not just
the obliterated ones).

I was thinking about ways to not invalidate previously
published hashes -- if that's possible.

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