obliterate functionality?

Martin Marques martin at marquesminen.com.ar
Wed Mar 19 06:52:43 CDT 2008

Ollivier Robert wrote:
> According to Adrian Buehlmann:
>> Would it be helpful if we could first think about removing *all* revisions
>> of a file?
> If I take the other side for a moment (Devil's advocate and all that), what
> does happen if the file belongs to a much larger changeset (like whitespace
> changes on 1000s of files)?

You're fried! ;-)

You can save the file changes minus the file you want to obliterate of 
the changeset, eliminate the changeset using MQ, and then apply by patch 
the differences saved earlier.

The real problem here is that you have to be careful when ever you 
pull/push. Even better, first double check with incoming and outgoing.

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