How to find out if a changeset contains another changeset?

Peter Weseloh peter.weseloh at
Wed Mar 19 08:18:27 CDT 2008

basically the subject says it already: Is there a simple way in Mercurial to
find out if a changeset is in the parent list (following merges) of another
Background is that I have a executable and I know the changeset sha id it
was build from. Now I want to know if a certain feature/bugfix (from which I
also know the sha id ) is in the exe. I was able to find this out using 'hg
view' but due to many branches/merges this was quite complicated.
With the changesets forming a DAG this question should be simple to answer,
right? Unfortunately I could not find a command or simple combination of
commands to do this. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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