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Peter Kourzanov peter.kourzanov at
Wed Mar 19 12:11:24 CDT 2008

Dear Mercurial developers,

I have another proposal, this time for the Mercurial repository URLs of the
form ssh://host...

We could extend the semantic of the URL by matching any *sh://host...
protocol pattern,
taking the protocol spec to the left of "://" and using that as the
executable name (ssh, rsh, krb5-rsh...).
This could remove the need for the "-e" option and allow Mercurial be more
explicit about the protocol
that is actually in use...

$hg push -e krb5-rsh ssh://host is a bit misleading in that respect while
$hg push krb5-rsh://host is much more concise and clear.

Kind regards,

Pjotr Kourzanov
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